Donations – Help Support RSL or Buy Us a Coffee


Hi Guys, we would really appreciate it if you could buy us a coffee or help out with a little donation to help keep our servers and site running each month.

For example our Dedicated Server is £24.00 per month, If we are to have the full Live Racers it is £30 per month plus we have to pay site hosting at £15 per month, the domain each year is £11.50 and the site build was £1750.00 but that was a one off cost and is calculated in the man hours it took to build it.

The reason there is no longer any full Live Racers is because its too expensive for us to keep there and pay for the servers and the site at the same time.

So each month we have to find £69.90 to keep everything going if you want the Live Racers on there. If 15 of us each donate £4.50 a month that works out at £67.50, if 20 of us donated it would be £3.38 each a month, which is well on the way to our goal of £70 a month.

If we all can do without the Live Racers we only need to find £2.30 a month each to cover everything if 15 of us chip in.

Any help is truly appreciated as we also have families, mortgage and bills to pay and sometimes if we are honest, its a struggle.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we are doubly thankful if you then send us a donation no matter how small or large it is.

Donations are via PayPal so all safe to use.


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So far we have raised £55 towards our £70 target! That’s 79% of the total!