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[Sticky] ASR 92 Hotlap Competition Server

John (Porks)
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We now have a "hotlap" server open, come and try your skills with the splendid ASR Formula ASR92 mod and see how fast you can get round glorious Silverstone.

Refine your setup and see if you an go faster than some of our top regular drivers who we are sure will be along soon to lay down their laptimes for us all to try and better.

Search for RSL eSports ASR92 Hotlap in the rFactor2 server list.

PC: Win10 64 bit, AMD Ryzen 1300X @3.7Ghz, Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 , 16Gb DDR4, NVidia GTX1070, Thrustmaster T500RS/F1 addon

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