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Newbie here

Adriano Augusto
Race School Registered
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Hi all,

My name is Adriano Augusto, from Canada.

I'm really interested in participate of Indy league, I'm reading all the rules, and hope can race with you guys as fast as possible.

Best regards


John (Porks)
Fangio or Admin Admin Registered
Joined: 1 year ago
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Hi Adriano and welcome, join us on Discord if you have not done so already https://discord.gg/ckrExnZ

PC: Win10 64 bit, AMD Ryzen 1300X @3.7Ghz, Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 , 16Gb DDR4, NVidia GTX1070, Thrustmaster T500RS/F1 addon

Titus Stevens
International Driver Registered
Joined: 8 months ago
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Nice to see you Adriano!

As you might have already seen, most of us are more "active"on discord ;).

Hope you enjoy the racing.