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[Sticky] RSL Winter GT3 League - Round 6 Spa - 2nd February 2021

John (Porks)
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Spa, Belgium
2nd February 2021

Race timings:

Official Practice: 20.00 UK (London) Time – 30 Minutes
Private Qualifying 1: 20.30 – 10 mins Limited to 3 laps
Warmup: 20:40 – 5 Minutes
Feature Race 1: 20:45 – 40 mins
Private Qualifying 2: 21.25 – 10 mins Limited to 3 laps
Warmup: 21:35 – 10 Minutes
Sprint Race: 21:45 – 25 mins

Free Practice: RSL rFactor2 Server
Server Settings:
Fuel Usage x2 Race 1 and x1 Race 2
Tyre Wear x2
Weather: dry
Local race start-time: 1pm
Pitting rules - In the feature race you must pit at least once for a tyre change and to refuel, all four tyres must be changed and you must use more than one compound in the race if available. In the sprint race there is free strategy.

Qualy/Race - You can use whichever tyres you like in qualifying and start the race on whichever tyre you wish.

Track link: Auto Download from Server
Mod Link: 397 DLC's required

We have racing rules - race like a gentleman and don't knock other drivers off-track especially on the first lap. If you do accidentally knock someone else off into the undergrowth - you must stop as soon as safety permits and wait for that car to regain the track and continue its race ahead of you

If you sustain aero damage to your car in the course of the race you must pit and repair the damage. No cars will be allowed to race with major bodywork (ie. front end & splitter) missing. You should pit on the next available lap to repair the damage. We will review the replays after the race and anyone found to be driving with significant damage may be disqualified.

Drivers are reminded to practice race starts, pit exit and entry, and to learn the rF2 flag system, ignoring blue flags will incur a penalty.

The general league rules can be found and read here:   https://rslesports.com/community/faq/rsl-league-rules/

No Chat in Qualifying or the Race please. The only permitted chat in race is asking for a restart and only within the first lap.

Drivers are reminded that grievances and issues are not to be aired in a manner that creates friction in public - if you have a problem send a private message or discuss it with an Admin member.

If for any reason you cannot make the race please state below in the thread, so you car can be used by someone else.

Restarts will be at the sole discretion of the server administrator but generally there will not be any.


PC: Win10 64 bit, AMD Ryzen 1300X @3.7Ghz, Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 , 16Gb DDR4, NVidia GTX1070, Thrustmaster T500RS/F1 addon