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[Closed] RSL GT3R League 2020 Format

John (Porks)
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Our new autumn 2020 Saturday night league will use the Studio 397 Porsche 911 GT3R DLC, with a different circuit each week. Some of the tracks we have not driven before in a league and there will be plenty of variety. we will try to keep the circuits to shorter ones to keep the pack close.

The usual Saturday night format will apply with. Provisionally this will run for 6 races filling some of the gaps between our main weekend league.

Tracks will be chosen in a community poll. There may be one day to night race and there may be variable weather.

Tasteful skinning is allowed.

The league will start on the 12th September 2020

The weekend format will be:

Provisional Race timings:

Official Practice: 20:00 UK Time - 60 Minutes

Qualifying: 21:00 UK Time - 30 Minutes

Warmup: 21:30 UK Time - 10 Minutes

Race: 21.40 UK Time - 1 hour + 1 formation

Fuel: Normal

Local race start-time: 13:10

Pitting rules - You must pit at least once for a tyre change, all four tyres must be changed. If there is more than one tyre choice available you must use more than one compound during the race.

Track link: auto download
Mod Link: Download the DLC from the rF2 Store on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/365960/detail/22/ it is approx. 5


PC: Win10 64 bit, AMD Ryzen 1300X @3.7Ghz, Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 , 16Gb DDR4, NVidia GTX1070, Thrustmaster T500RS/F1 addon