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[Closed] RSL Ferrari 488 GTE League 2020 - Round 2 Donington Stewards Enquiry

John (Porks)
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Lap 41 - two incidents occurred between Keeper and John which ended in spins.

Ron attempted to pass John in the turn before the final corner and also the final corner, both times he collided with John and caused him to spin.

Lap 4 - Dani and Gato 

Gato hit Dani in the chicane and caused him to spin, Dani sustained damage to his car which he had to carry through the race.

The stewards have deliberated and the following verdicts have been returned:

Keeper gets a 5 second penalty for his first offense and a 10 second penalty for his second offence. The 15 second total will be added to his race time.

Gato receives a 5 second penalty added to the race time for his next race as he did not complete this one.


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