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[Closed] Porsche GT3 Cup 2020 Round 4 Spa Race 2 Stewards Enquiry

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An incident occurred between Amereto and Kormidlo - at the end of the Kemmel straight on lap 1, both drivers were hard on the brakes going into the right hander, Amereto turned into the corner first and then Kormidlo attempted to overtake him around the outside on the left. Amereto slid slightly on the kerb and went wide hitting Kormidlo, whilst Kormidlo had turned in quite aggressively and there was not much room for Amereto, Kormidlo then ran wide onto the tarmac runoff, then collected a drive through penalty for cutting the track.

After reviewing the incident, the stewards have taken into account the following - it was a wet race, it was the first lap and tyres and brakes were cold. 

The stewards have deemed this a racing incident, due to the fact Amereto turned into the corner first and was at the apex but Kormidlo was attempting to overtake him into a bend that was then going into a left. Due to the track conditions and Amereto turning into the corner first, the stewards have deemed it was Amereto's corner to take, especially as the corner is a right left in quick succession. 

The incident itself was a race incident and therefore no further action is being taken, other than a warning to both drivers to ensure they allow room and are aware of each other, especially in tricky conditions.

For the penalty for cutting the track that Kormidlo incurred, the stewards cannot undo penalties that have occurred in the race as these are automatically applied by the sim itself and therefore there is nothing we can do other than to advise drivers to ensure they clear the penalties. We advise all drivers to maybe deliberately give themselves a penalty in practice sessions so they are aware of which penalty is which and how to clear them. If we use a track or mod that clearly has a cutting track bug or does not clear the penalties we will generally change it, but in this instance we are sure that the track was ok.


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