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SECTION 1 – General Administration

1.1 JOINING AND REGISTERING - All Drivers joining League Championship Races MUST be registered members of the RSL website to race in the relevant Championship series. For details of how to join RSL please go here. Membership is free. For open/club events drivers do not have to register, however we expect guest drivers to read and adhere to these rules.

1.2 DRIVER NAMES - ALL drivers must use their either their REAL NAMES or their FORUM NAMES when participating in all RSL official league races.

1.3 RACE GRID SIZE - All RSL Championships allow a specified maximum grid size (normally 32). Driver entry for any championship series will be accepted up to the series specified maximum grid size. Entry for each Championship series will be on a "first come, first served" basis, but initially priority will be given to existing members who have raced in any of our previous seasons RSL Championships.
If there are more drivers wishing to participate for a championship series than the maximum grid limit then they will be listed on RESERVE DRIVER LIST. Should spaces become available, the reserve drivers list will be updated with current availability and drivers can sign up.

1.4 GUEST DRIVERS - Guest drivers, or drivers who are NOT registered with RSL are welcome to take part in open/club events. ALL GUEST DRIVERS are expected to be completely aware of what is expected of them by ensuring they have completely read and understood the race announcement details, including all RULES, and they MUST be familiar with both the track and the mod being used. Any driver who appears clearly to have not complied with this requirement will be removed from the server by the Race Director.

1.5 RACE SERVER AND PASSWORDS - The official championship race servers will be listed as "RSL” and suffixed with the relevant championship identifier as appropriate and will be password protected. A generic server wide RSL server password will be made and issued only to RSL members. It will be used for ALL RSL official championship league races. Note: Open events will not be password protected.

1.6 RACE ANNOUNCEMENTS - Race announcements will be made on the RSL Website front page at least 5 days before each race and in the Forum in the relevant section. Full details will be given as to which tracks and car types are required, and any other relevant information.

1.7 ADD-ONS AND MODIFICATIONS - No third party enhancements, modifications or add-ons, other than those specified within these and the series specific rules, are allowed without the prior agreement of RSL Administration.

1.8 CAR SKINS - Custom skins for cars will be dependent on each championship. Historic championships will use historic skins. Custom skin championships allow drivers to produce their own skin but are not mandatory. We do have some very talented painters who will be willing to help if you want a skin but are unable to paint one yourself.

1..9 ADVERTISING - Any advertising of other leagues, advertising of products for monetary gain, soliciting RSL drivers for racing elsewhere or trying to poach drivers on our official channels, either on our chat, the forum, private message or any other of our official channels is strictly prohibited. Anyone found doing this will get an instant ban from all our channels and will lose access to this forum, our Facebook community and also our Discord channel. Our Discord is for the benefit of our league and not for other leagues to poach drivers. If you wish to advertise on our forum please email us to imitate a discussion.

Section 2 - Server Rules

2.1 TEXT CHAT - Drivers MUST NOT use chat during QUALIFYING AND RACE SESSIONS. It is distracting to other drivers even to use "Sorry", "Thank You", "Pit In/Out" etc. So, unless otherwise stated in the race announcement, the rule is NO CHAT WHATSOEVER during these important sessions, only the server admin will be permitted to do so where deemed essential. Drivers using chat during qualifying or the race will be warned and if the offending driver still persists with chat in qualifying or the race then the driver will be penalised or removed from the server.

2.1.1 DISCORD CHAT - Due to its nature, Discord chat is in real time. If you are on our Discord voice channel during sessions please keep the chat polite and refrain from shouting or calling out other drivers in anger. We have a robust reporting and stewarding system in place to report incidents. Please use them. Discord chat is allowed most of the time but please try to be polite and aware of other drivers concentrating especially in Qualifying and the Race. At the start of any race please minimise chat during the start and also during the countdown as Admins may need to discuss restarts and check if drivers are on the grid correctly. Please try to minimise chat during qualifying and the race.

2.6 SERVER/GAME BUGS AND GLITCHES - Any driver may make an appeal to the admin team within 24 hours of the race finish should any software bug adversely affect them during a race. It will be carefully investigated by the race administration team by viewing the replay, logs etc. If the error is correctable and there is no element of doubt then the race results will be fairly amended accordingly. If it is a non-correctable error, such as a disconnect for example, it will be treated as a terminal racing incident comparable to an engine failure in real life racing. Obviously a catastrophic software/internet failure affecting all, or a significantly large number, of the drivers will most likely force a race restart where possible, or a postponement, for which the Race Director with admin control of the server will make the sole and final decision.

2.6.1 LEAVING/JOINING THE SERVER DURING A SESSION - If you crash terminally during a race or other session, please take all measures to ensure you stay in the server, leaving the server during a race causes lag for all other drivers which may result in them also having incidents. Please wait until the end of the session before leaving the server.
It is probably a good idea to set your rFactor to run in "windowed" mode. This means you can then minimise it and carry on doing other things if you crash without having to close it. You can then close it after the race or the session has ended.

2.6.2 ADHERING TO SESSION TIMES - Please try to turn up on time and not in the middle of qualifying/practice as it causes lag for those concentrating on their hotlaps. Also please try to minimise leaving and entering the server multiple times during sessions as it causes lag and is shown on the text chat distracting drivers. It is the responsibility of all drivers to ensure they have, wherever possible, entered the server before the official sessions to make sure they have downloaded and installed the mods correctly for that race. If you are unsure of anything ask before the official sessions and not during them as Admins and other drivers are trying to concentrate on their laps. If you arrive late please try to join in between sessions or during the warmup period if you cannot make it for official practice.

2.7 AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION - If the server disqualifies you during the Race or Qualifying sessions for any racing infringement, then this is an automatic ‘in-game’ decision that will be almost impossible to correct. Care should be taken not to break pit lane speed limits and to always observe the blue and black flags as failure to do so could also cause an automatic disqualification or severe penalty. Accidental disqualification may be able to be rectified during Practice and Warm-Up sessions.

2.8 RACE RESTARTS - A race will only normally be restarted due to connection/server issues where technically possible and only if a large number of drivers are disconnected involuntarily. All race restarts will be totally at the discretion of the Race Director and his decision will be final.

2.9 RACE DIRECTOR - Each race event will have a dedicated Race Director who will assume the position of ‘Server Admin’ and make all decisions during the race. Decisions must be respected and adhered to. Sometimes the decisions are difficult and many factors need to be taken into consideration. Also a number of server commands may take time to implement so please be patient and do not make demands or requests.

2.10 RACE STEWARDS – A Chief Steward and a team of Race Stewards are available for analysing incidents. At least three stewards will be available per race. This will normally consist of the Chief Steward and two Race Stewards. Should any of these not be available, or be involved themselves in incidents, then other Stewards from the team will be assigned.

SECTION 3 – General Racing Rules

3.1 QUALIFYING – Drivers on their out-lap must be extra vigilant of cars approaching on a timed lap. They should allow drivers to pass without delaying the approaching car whatsoever. Drivers are encouraged to use their mirrors intently and also use the postiton indicator to look for cars, and also for gaps on the circuit in which to set a qualifying lap. Impeding a driver on his qualifying lap will be dealt with by the Stewards and penalised if necessary.

3.2 RACE STARTS – Extreme caution should be used on the first lap, especially the first corner. Braking distances will be greatly increased in the first corner of a race so expect to brake much earlier, watching other cars instead of your usual braking point marker. Also when entering Turn 1 of the first lap it is recommended to keep to your side of the track and leave at least a cars width. Turn 1 accidents are extremely frowned upon and will result in severe penalties.

3.3 YIELD RULE - If any position is gained illegally, by means of contact (i.e. nudging or punting a driver FROM BEHIND and taking the place, cutting a corner and the like) the driver who GAINED the position MUST yield the place back as soon as is safely possible, and within 1 lap. Failing to do so WILL result in a post race penalty. Circumstances could arise whereby the position cannot be given back which will be taken into account but rest assured the appropriate penalty under the rules will be applied.
Additional Note: This type of driving is not only unsporting but is frowned upon here and, on review by the Race Stewards if the verdict is so-the said driver will be severely dealt with-do not expect just a slap on the wrist when the penalty comes your way.

3.4 CORNER CUTTING - Drivers must not cut chicanes or other corners. You must keep two tyres within the track limits at all times. You may fully use the kerbs at the exit of corners but you must not use tarmac run off areas other than for their purpose of regaining control in the event of a mistake. If you should accidentally cut a chicane/corner then give back any position(s) gained as soon as it is safe to do so. Serious or persistent offenders are liable to a penalty imposed by the RSL Admin Team.

3.4.1 Qualifying
It is very important that you slow down if you should accidentally cut a corner in qualifying - if your qualifying lap is found to be illegal then you are likely to receive a penalty during post-race analysis. You can use the instant replay system from the race monitor screen to check your lap if you are not sure if it was legal or not. If you believe your fastest lap to be illegal then report it to the server admin who will decide a course of action.

3.4.2 Race
If you should gain or defend a place by cutting an apex (most likely at a chicane) then you must give up the place as soon as you can safely do so, and within one lap. Failure to do this will likely result in a penalty applied after the race.

Please note that occasional accidental cutting of corners during a race will not be penalised provided that no places are being gained as a result. However, if a driver is cutting a corner or using a tarmac run-off area on a frequent or constant basis then they should expect to be penalised.

It is the driver's responsibility to know whether he is cutting a corner or not. It is no defence to claim that it did not look like you were cutting it from within the car. All drivers are strongly advised to use the replay system to check that their normal lines are legal.

3.5 OVERTAKING – Drivers are encouraged to race closely and fairly. Whilst racing wheel-to-wheel is fun, sometimes things can go wrong. It is the responsibility of BOTH drivers to allow side-by-side racing and for passes to be made safely. The use of on-board mirrors/cameras, the full 3 virtual mirrors, and the ‘look left/right function is essential, as is the use of the position indicator at the bottom of the screen. If a car you have been racing, or which has been behind you for several laps, suddenly disappears from your mirrors, then they may be alongside attempting a pass. Care should be taken, and if necessary room given to avoid making contact. Do not make sudden moves laterally across the track, and when cornering leave a cars width if you think another driver may be alongside trying to overtake. PUNTING (hitting hard from behind) or BARGING (hitting hard from the side) is strictly forbidden.

3.6 BLOCKING - Drivers may conduct one tactical manoeuvre to dictate the line of the opposing driver while defending a position. This manoeuvre must be conducted with sufficient time and distance so as not to:
a. Initiate any contact with the opposing driver
b. Force the opposing driver to take evasive action to avoid contact
c. Impede the immediate forward progress of the opposing driver [force him/her to brake or lift throttle]
d. Take place within established and/or recognized braking zones
Failure to meet any of these conditions will be deemed as blocking and subject to penalty.

3.7 CRASH RECOVERY AND SAFETY - If you are involved in an incident and incur damage then it is your responsibility to remove your car from the track/racing line as quickly as possible to either retire, or drive carefully back to the pits for any possible repairs ensuring that you do not in the process endanger other cars on track.

3.8 RE-JOINING THE TRACK - Care must be taken when re-joining the track after an off or mistake, and when exiting the pit lane. Whatever the reason for your leaving the track it is your responsibility to re-join safely. Serious offenders are liable to an imposed penalty or even disqualification from the race. Try to look behind, left or right, and even use the position indicator at the bottom of the screen. If in doubt, wait.

3.9 FLAGS. In all RSL Racing we fully comply with all the normal Flag Rules. This means you must obey all flags shown to you whilst on-track and in particular the all-important YELLOW and BLUE flags.

3.9.1 Yellow Flag/Accident Zone - When the Yellow flag is displayed, or you are in/around an accident zone you must drive with caution and most importantly you MUST NOT INITIATE AN OVERTAKE as it is possible to gain an advantage under these conditions, PASSING IS PROHIBITED until the yellow flag is no longer shown). Follow-on incidents which occur through drivers not taking appropriate care are likely to be assessed a potentially given a penalty by the stewards of the event.

3.9.2 Blue Flag - When displayed it means that you are about to be lapped. Although it is the lapping driver's responsibility to overtake cleanly and safely the lapped driver MUST NOT attempt to block or impede the overtaking move, but should act in a clear and concise manner to facilitate making the overtaking manoeuvre easy and safe. The lapped driver MUST FACILITATE an overtake at the earliest reasonable opportunity. On review - if the driver (who is being lapped) is deemed to have NOT facilitated the pass as described above, the stewards may impose penalties.

3.10 AVOIDABLE CONTACT - In the opinion of the Race Stewards, any driver who initiates avoidable contact which results in the interruption of another competitor's lap time or track position will be subject to a penalty. Should the contact result in damage to or immediate retirement of the other competitor, further penalties may be assessed.

3.11 WINGS (UNFAIR ADVANTAGE) - If your car is capable in the setup menu of having no front wing it is legal. However, if it is not a legal set up option, then any qualifying lap driven without a front wing will be illegal whether deliberately or accidentally completed. Under race conditions it will be illegal if the front wing is deliberately knocked off by the driver, however if it occurs in a genuine accident there will be no requirement to pit. All cars will start the race at the green light with both wings if fitted undamaged. However, driving in a race with a damaged car may be the cause of a serious accident, so it is the driver's full responsibility to ensure that his car is safe to drive at all times. Any incident deemed to have been caused directly by driving a dangerously damaged car may result in penalties being applied to the driver concerned.

SECTION 4 – Incident Reporting, Penalties and Appeals

4.1 INCIDENT REPORTING - A main objective of RSL is to race in a friendly and gentlemanly manner. In the case of any dispute we first of all encourage the drivers involved to immediately discuss the incident together privately and settle amicably between them. However, in the case of any disputes which cannot be resolved, they can be referred to the Chief Steward as described below.
The Chief Steward and at least two other appointed Race Stewards will make a ruling following a review of the race replay data. Their decision will be final. No Race Stewards who were directly involved in a disputed incident will take part in this process. All disputes MUST be raised ONLY via PM to any of the admin team. A cooling off period of 24 hours after the race is encouraged BEFORE filing a complaint. Any publicly aired complaints on the forum will be ignored and it could mean that no action will be taken and any formal protest itself may be ignored.

4.1.1 Incident Reporting Procedure - Should you wish to report an incident, then you must do so within 72 hours (3 days) after an event's climax. You must private message a Race Steward first and await a response before you discuss it on the forum. The submitter shall review the replay before-hand, and inform the Steward of the time frame of the incident. Any arguments arising from bringing up an incident publicly in the forum will result in the report being disregarded.

4.1.2 Incident Reporting System- Drivers making official complaints will be allowed THREE free complaints per season. If the Chief Steward upholds a complaint, the driver who protested will still be allowed the use of the three free complaints during the season. However, if the Chief Steward does not uphold the complaint, they will lose that one of the free complaints. If a driver has made 3 irrelevant complaints, and reaches a fourth complaint, the driver will be automatically charged 10 championship points from the standings table. If the complaint is upheld, the 10 championship points will be replaced to the championship standings points table. This system is in place to dissuade miss-use of the complaint system, and to encourage disagreements to be settled sensibly between drivers, rather than make official complaints.

4.1.3 Upheld Complaints - If a driver is found to be the subject of a properly filed protest which is subsequently upheld by the Chief Steward, or for any other valid reason considered appropriate, then he will receive a penalty appropriate to the breach of rules.

4.1.4 Final Decisions - In all matters relating to complaints or awarding penalties, the Chief Steward's and/or the Admin Team’s decision will be final and NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION WILL BE ENTERED INTO.

4.2 PENALTIES - Penalties will be administered at the discretion of the RSL Stewards and Admin Team. They will be based on all available data and previous offenses. Penalties may be include, but are not limited to:
- Warning (usually combined with a 2 race ‘on watch’ probation)
- Penalty Points on your license
- Time Penalty (may be used to alter race positions)
- Grid Penalty (including being placed last on the grid for the next race)
- Point Deduction (may be used to alter championship standings)
- Disqualification
- Suspension
- Championship Ban

4.3 APPEALS – Drivers who think they have been penalised unfairly have the right to challenge ANY decision made by the RSL Stewards. The appeal must be made as quickly as possible after a decision has been made. If you feel you have been wrongly penalized, then private message any RSL Steward, and they will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Do not post on the forum that you feel wronged by a penalty before private messaging, or the appeal will be inadmissible. You are allowed to appeal any penalty, but you should first review the decision and compare it with similar incidents.

SECTION 5 – Rule Amendments and Specific League Rules

5.1 RULE AMENDMENTS - RSL Administration reserve the right to change any or all of these rules where felt appropriate. Any such changes will be promptly and clearly announced in the Race Control section of our forum.

5.2 SPECIFIC LEAGUE RULES - Additional rules may be added specifically for a certain league, ie. Pit Stop, Tyre Change or Refuelling Rules. These will be set out in the league rules section and also may be included in race thread sections.

It is hoped that we can keep these rules to an absolute minimum to make for good fun, friendly and yet still competitive racing. However if any problems arise then further rules may need to be added later and/or rules may need modifying. If you feel there are any omissions, ambiguities or errors in these rules and settings then please let us know as soon as possible by private e-mail to any of the RSL Admin Team.

RSL Administration

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Clause 1..9 ADVERTISING added.

1..9 ADVERTISING - Any advertising of other leagues, advertising of products for monetary gain, soliciting RSL drivers for racing elsewhere or trying to poach drivers on our official channels, either on our chat, the forum, private message or any other of our official channels is strictly prohibited. Anyone found doing this will get an instant ban from all our channels and will lose access to this forum, our Facebook community and also our Discord channel. Our Discord is for the benefit of our league and not for other leagues to poach drivers. If you wish to advertise on our forum please email us to imitate a discussion.

PC: Win10 64 bit, AMD Ryzen 1300X @3.7Ghz, Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 , 16Gb DDR4, NVidia GTX1070, Thrustmaster T500RS/F1 addon