Sim Racing Feature League Wrapped Up For 2019

Our Feature Sim Racing Formula League wrapped up for 2019 last night …

With a great race at Yas Marina.

Nigel has driven superbly all year in the silver M German team’s car and dominated the championship. Dani achieved a top 3 finish in 2019 with a spirited drive in his Austrian team’s RB car to finish in second place, which gave him enough points to overhaul Kuba who was out for the final few rounds. Amereto achieved a fine 2nd place despite missing a few rounds and a team change from the French R to the Italian F team.

Other notable mentions are Tony in 4th place with some canny strategy and tyre management throughout 2019 in his pink and white RP machine, Stuart, (Nigel’s team mate) and John in the blue and white UK based W team’s car, finally clawing their way into the top 10 after having a run of bad luck with multiple DNF’s which masked their true pace. Pedro has improved a lot throughout 2019, finally getting a handle on the handling of his orange Macca and Manuel got to 10th place in the league in the black and yellow French R car. Len also did really well to finish in 6th place despite missing six races.

It was very picturesque driving around the circuit as the sun set and lights came on. There was a lovely glow over the circuit from the sun as it slowly drifted below the horizon. With the championship wrapped up over 2 races ago, we saw some quite aggressive strategies from the drivers with fuel pared to the absolute minimum and most opting for a two stop strategy.

It was a close call between which tyres to use and whether to go for one or two stops, the softer or harder compounds, but in the end nearly all drivers went for 2 stops as the tyre degradation was quite severe. Most drivers found the DRS to be quite effective in the first zone with some quite late overtakes in the final 50m. Turn 2 was very tricky in practice until rubber went down, with most drivers experiencing a spin or wobble as the rear end would not stay planted under power.

Manuel and Pedro’s battle carried on as it has done for several races Manuel finally getting the better of Pedro over the year. Len had a bit of a nightmare race with four stops but still got to 4th. Stuart took his first win of the season and Dani finished a fine second with John coming in third to claim the last podium spot.

So we leave the league for another year, its been the 4th year we have run it now, awaiting its return in 2020 on the 14th March.

We are always on the look out for new drivers to join our Feature Formula league, it takes in 22 races in 2020 starting in Australia and ending in Abu Dhabi. Two new circuits will feature on the calendar for 2020 in the shape of Vietnam and Zandvoort.

If you would like to join this league for 2020 please do register on our forum and look out for details that will be posted in the next few weeks. As this is a private registration only league with our own non public custom mod and the server is pass-worded, you will be required to sign on for it and will need to be a committed participant. Alternatively you can either email us or PM us on Discord or Facebook.



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