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Hi and welcome to Race Sim Leagues eSports (RSL eSPorts) the new home of what was originally F1™ SR. Some of you may be wondering why a new site?

Its a long and complicated story but in a nutshell we had been known as our previous name for nearly 15 years since the launch of the original rFactor in 2005 and had built up a reputation for quality mods and running popular racing leagues. In November of this year we received a copyright claim from FOM for using an unregistered trademark in our name. We had used our name for all this time so you can imagine it came as a bit of a shock. 

Despite pleading with FOM’s solicitors and legal team that we were not monetised, made no profit from the site and funded it out of our pockets, it was not to be and we were ordered to remove all traces of the unregistered trademark  from our site and also hand over our domain.

As you can imagine going through a whole site, a forum that had been active for over 5 years, all our social media profiles, videos and images to remove the trademark would have taken months of work, it took years to build it all in the first place, we also only had 14 days to comply, so to that end we created new social media profiles and this new site to carry on what we love doing as fans of motorsports and sim racing. Because we are that, lifelong fans of all forms of motorsports, indeed some of us have even been real life racing drivers.

Some of our drivers are particularly miffed (that is being polite) at what has happened and some have even said they will no longer follow the premier racing series, they are that incensed at what has happened, but we the same old Admin team as before have decided to push forward with a new chapter of our existence as RSL eSports and grow our community again from scratch.

We want to thank all those that have stuck with us through all this and it is appreciated, we know its been a bit of a hassle and its been a bit up in the air but it will settle down and we will move onwards and upwards to a new future and enjoy our sim racing.

So remember guys – Race Sim Leagues eSports or RSL or RSL eSports is our new name and also please remember that it really is best to not use any combination of the letter F and the number 1 in close proximity to each other in any term, name, logo or moniker. You have been warned.


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